Membership network designed for the modern parent

Not just another membership club—it's a lifestyle, a community and a haven for modern families. Our spaces and programming blend the atmosphere of a social club with the functionality of a fitness studio, kids classes and play-based-learning.

Don't just Cope, Thrive

Carnaby was created for parents of young kids to blur the difference between family time and me time. Our network provides a space to always go-to and a community to always turn to.

Carnaby envisions a world where modern parents can seamlessly integrate family life with personal growth, creating a harmonious balance between nurturing their children and nurturing themselves.

Our mission is to empower parents with a supportive community, access to enriching experiences and a sense of belonging that transcends the traditional notion of family clubs.

Experience the Carnaby Difference

Explore Carnaby Clubs, thoughtfully designed to enrich the lives of modern families

Design-led spaces

Our clubs seamlessly combine spaces to play, learn and imagine for kids, with spaces to work, workout or winddown for adults.

Kids Activities

: Our curated roster of early childhood classes and daily activities is designed to facilitate critical developmental milestones, while being a whole lot of fun.

Wellness for Parents

From pop-up events to regular fitness classes, we prioritize parents’ well-being. Whether it is catching-up with emails or friends, our adult areas are designed to make the most of “me-time.”

Supervised Play

Our playareas offer dramatic, active, sensory and soft play with several activities, supervised by experts, allowing parents to be as involved as they choose.


New York

Opening Fall 2023
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Opening Winter 2024
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Seamless Access with the App

Embrace the convenience of the Carnaby app, your gateway to a world of possibilities.

Whether you're at home or on the go, the Carnaby app ensures you and your family have a reliable companion, connecting you to a vibrant community and an array of enriching activities.

Why Should you be a Member

All-in-One Solution

Carnaby is your one-stop-shop for relaxation, enrichment, and community. Enjoy clubhouses, classes and events, all for one membership fee.


With an array of classes for both adults and kids, our programming is curated for parents who prioritize quality for the whole family

Community Building

At Carnaby, you are not just a member-you’re part of a curated peer group of likeminded parents to build your support system

Life Resources

Expert guided discussions on parenthood, career and everything in between.

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Pay-as-you-go for access to clubs and classes with Carnaby Credits

8 daypasses: $325/child + unlimited adults

12 daypasses: $425/child + unlimited adults

21 daypasses: $735/child + unlimited adults

Each daypass gives you access to play and all classes, experiences and fitness classes on the day of usage. Snacks and beverages included.



Unlimited, full day access to all Carnaby House locations

Unlimited play, classes and experiences for the kids

Unlimited programming and fitness classes for adults

Free snacks and beverages

Starting from $300/family

Weekday Only

Choose from our Matinee (8am-1pm) or Sundowner (3pm-8pm) timeslots

Same as our all-inclusive, but in your chosen timeslot

Unlimited access to all Carnaby House locations

Unlimited play, classes and experiences for the kids

Free snacks and beverages

Starting from $180/family